Orchestra Opole University of Technology


Traditions of shared making music are written down into the Silesian landscape for generations, constituting the indissoluble element of the musical culture of the region. Of tradition, which so meticulously cultivated, was able to this day to survive the numerous maelstroms of war and not always political transformations kind to the culture and the art. In Silesia particularly two kinds of bands developed: brass bands and choirs or singing teams.

Przemysław Ślusarczyk (composer, conductor, manager of the culture from opolskie) is an originator of the project and an author of the orchestra. The Idea for forming such a team was conceived in the first days of January of 2006. A performance of a brass band of the Team of Electric Schools was direct impulse to act in Opole; led also by the conductor, during the ceremonial commencement in the Department of Electronics, Automation and Computer Science at the invitation of his Dean.

The first preparations started up to the end of January of 2006. After introducing him to the Magnificence of the project, the development plan was announced the formal recruitment to the orchestra, soon was begun regular attempts. The group of students of the Opole Technical University strengthened against the Orchestra in Opole introduced the Team of Electric Schools Group to the audience in large numbers arrived above concert 4.th May 2006 during the Holiday of the Opole Technical University which was held in II Campus. It is possible to recognize this performance as the debut of the team.

From the beginning, the orchestra regularly performs in the city of Opole and in the country as part of the copyright cycles: "Musical Impressions," "With the Orchestra into the Castles and Palaces" and in innovative formats: "Opolski Wind Express" and "With the Orchestra on the River Odra". The last three events have been awarded honors - Best Tourist Product of the Opole Province 2013. In 2020, "Opolski Wind Express" received the "Opolska Marka 2019" award in the 'region promotion' category.

In 2010, the band won second prize at the XVIII Review of Orchestras of the German Minority - Leśnica 2010 in Lichynia.

In 2016 the band celebrated its 10th anniversary.

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